Recent brain research tells us that more rapid brain development takes place in the first three years than any other time of life (80% according to Let’s Grow Kids website). During this stage of their development, infants and toddlers are discovering who they are, how others respond to them and if they are competent human beings. They are learning how to interact with others, what it means to express their feelings in acceptable ways, and whether they are loved. Their brains are being “wired” into patterns for emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development.

Our work, as the adults in their young lives, is extremely important. We are helping to build the foundation for the child’s future development. Each child will benefit from the relationship with his/her primary teacher. That person must be nurturing, respectful, caring, supportive and positive. That person needs to listen and respond to the child, verbally and non-verbally encouraging language exchanges which will strengthen the child’s emerging skills. That person plans and implements an individualized “curriculum” which addresses the interests and skill level of the child, stimulating the child in appropriate ways and stepping back when the child demonstrates signs of needing a change of pace. That person sets up the physical environment to be safe, healthy and offer challenges for the child to build a sense of confidence.

Infancy and toddlerhood are wondrous times for children and their families. We are dedicated to providing for the growth of the children in a safe, healthy, creative, stimulating, nurturing environment, and advocating for their rights as members of our greater society.