Evacuation Plan


To evacuate the building follow fire drill plan.

  1. Staff in each group are responsible for taking backpack and attendance sheets.
  2. Director (or administrative assistant or teacher if director is unable) will bring emergency evacuation kit. 
  3. All groups should meet at the north end of parking lot.
  4. Do a roll call and account for all children.
  5. Designate a person to make phone calls to parents. If unable to do so, designate a person to call media and put message on answering machine if possible.
  6. If evacuation is needed we will go to St. Mary’s Church. (Use chain of command to make that decision.) 
  7. Contact stations listed in section C. to be local source of communication to keep parents informed. Change phone message to update if possible.
  8. If wider evacuation is necessary, contact Middlebury Police Department (for site to evacuate to, and further information.)

Shelter in Place

Certain types of emergencies require staying inside the building. These emergencies would be accidental release of toxic chemicals or other emergencies where air quality is threatened. Local authorities would issue orders for shelter in place during chemical emergencies. Once this order has been issued we would not leave our location until official notification is received that the danger has passed. The following steps would be taken in the event of a shelter in place

  1. Meet in north side of basement.
  2. Take backpacks emergency evacuation kit in director’s office. 
  3. Take roll call and make sure that all children and staff are present.
  4. All doors and windows to the outside would be locked. 
  5. Heating and air conditioning units would be turned off and switch intakes moved to the “closed” position.
  6. Gaps around windows and doors would be sealed. 
  7. Exhaust fans turned off.
  8. Tape, plastic food wrapping, wax paper or aluminum foil would be used to seal exhausts, vents, and other openings to the outside. 
  9. Drapes, curtains and shades would be closed. 
  10. If vapors bother staff and children hold wet cloths or handkerchiefs over the nose and mouth. Do not worry about running out of air to breathe, as this is very unlikely.

Recovering from an Incident/Emergency

Recovery involves efforts to return the program, staff and children to a normal routine as soon as possible. Steps below will be taken as necessary.

  1. In case of fire, earthquake, etc, the building would be inspected by appropriate authority (Fire, Police, Department of Public Safety, Facilities Services) prior to re-entry to ensure the safety of staff and children. 
  2. Program Staff will provide children and families with correct information regarding the incident/emergency. 
  3. Opportunities will be available for children, families and staff to talk about and share feelings regarding the emergency.
  4. In some cases professional consultation (local mental health organization) would be warranted. 
  5. The appropriate staff will document all pertinent information on the incident as soon as possible.
  6. Director will strategize with teachers and/or parents to see what worked well and what was a challenge, to decide whether we need to revisit any policies and to put in place any other needed policies. 
  7. Contact Child Care Services within required time period if applicable.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Middlebury Fire Department: 388-2217

Middlebury Police Dept: 388-3191

College Facilities Services: 443-5472 x 2

Campus Security (before 8, after 4:30) 443-5911

Porter Hospital: 388-4701

Middlebury Ambulance Squad: 388-3333

American Red Cross: 1-800-660-9130

Otter Creek Children’s Center: 388-9688

*Please note that all of this information can be found in our family handbook.